I'm Bartosz Milosierny and I do all kind of things related to software development.

I've been in the software development industry for almost 10 years now. I'm very passionate about progamming.

Currently, I'm working as a senior consultant in eCreation Media Technology, an awesome company delivering multimedia apps for TV, mobile and web. I work on integration and mobile apps there.

Previously, I worked at Alcatel-Lucent and Atos.

Besides computers, I love music and musical instruments, especially those retro ones, such as this one or that one.

software design

I love programming. Whether it's C# or Java, node.js or PHP, web or desktop, server-side or client-side, PC or mobile. I appreciate simple and elegant solutions.

My main area of expertise is: interactive TV (Ericsson Mediaroom), multimedia and web applications and OSS/BSS integration.

I've worked on complex business applications for big telecoms as well as on consumer applications for PC, TV and mobile devices.

I'm very passionate about new trends and methodologies in software development.


If you want get in touch, you can contact me simply by sending an email to myfirstname@mylastname.net.

You can also visit my LinkedIn profile for my résumé and stuff.